About us

Harpoon elektronika d.o.o.
Hrastovec 14
1236 Trzin, Slovenia, EU
tel. +386 1 562 23 23,
fax: +386 1 565 13 57
Working time: 9-16h Monday - Friday
Email: info(at)harpoon. si

Company info:


Company was established in 1990. We started with our own  products on field of security, surveilance, video equipment for local market and our national road agency. Most important products were alarm systems, car alarms known as Harpoon car alarms, wire fence analyzer-alarm for large open areas secutity (warehouses, water supply, military areas, airports, prizons, mining areas...)

On our market we introduced first CCD camera which today is integrated in almost every mobile phone, but back in 90's it was something new.

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